About us

Designer’s Empire, one of UAE’s most renowned homegrown brands, unveils their creativity through out the year with their artistic pieces that have no limits for love of beauty.

Remaining true to their values of immaculate quality and supreme craftsmanship, their collections pay homage to nature’s beauties through classic artistic forms such as loose brush strokes and mosaic work; translated as ethereal embroideries on classic silhouettes, enhanced with a modern edge.

 Inspired by the idea that every creation is a unique piece of art, every bead, thread and motif is meticulously designed to spark a feeling reverence for nature’s many wonders.

Available in their signature ‘Designer’s Empire pastel hues’ on luxurious yet cooling summer textiles, their collection is comprised of a diverse selection of cuts and shades to cater to every woman.

Since its establishment in 2010 by Lamia Khan and Bodour Khoory, the name Designer’s Empire has become synonymous with fashion forward, timeless and exclusive runway creations. Today, Designers Empire stands at the forefront of fashion, having created one of the most successful fashion houses in the UAE and the region.

Our Gallery

Explore our gallery, where art and imagination come together to inspire and captivate your senses.